Neglecting The Importance Of Flange Guards In Chemical Industries Is Like Dicing With Death

If you work in the chemical industry, so, the man, material, and the method of your company is always at stake. This is because sudden spray outs or leakage from the pipe joints may PTFE flange guards destroy anything and anytime. In an order to protect yourself from the dicey situation, it is good to install Flange Guards also known as Safety Shields. Generally, these are installed in chemical plants to avoid injury to the workforce and workplace as well. These are commonly used in the areas like:

  • Pipage that is close to head and eye level and spray outs may damage them harshly
  • These are also used in the pipelines, which are closed to walkways
  • Areas that are carrying flammable close to hot surfaces and especially instrument boards
  • Also in tight and bound spaces

Key Reasons Why You Should Install Flange Guards:

  • Flange Guards are made of PTFE or Polypropylene that helps to prevent spray outs of dangerous corrosive chemicals from the flange joints.
  • These are very much helpful in giving an advance indication of the leak with its PH indication patch.
  • Moreover, these are resistant to dangerous chemicals, thus, able to withstand even in harsh and extreme temperature level.
  • These can be easily customized as per the requirements and conditions.
  • These are lighter in weight, easy to install and require no upkeep.
  • These can be used more than one time because of their reusable nature.
  • These are available for every single size flange.

All in all, these are very much helpful in minimizing the damage of spray outs or leakage, which automatically prevent from harming personnel and property too.

How Do Flange Guards Protect?

Basically, these may interpose the barrier between the harmful chemicals and external environment, which prevent any damage or big accident from occurring. These may usually dissipate the pressure of the leak, which minimizes the risk.

Which Industries Use Flange Guards?

Probably, these are used in Petrochemical, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Food & Beverages, Marine/Shipbuilding and various other industries. It is because in all such areas a number of chemicals used in the different process, which increase the chances of spray outs or leakage and therefore, installation of Flange Guards are a must in any of the above industry.

Conclusion: In a nutshell, you can say that ignoring the importance of Flange Guards is not a choice. Therefore, you should not dice with death and install them right away to protect from the catastrophe.

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